Evangelical Church Services

Evangelical Church Services. We are a Community Outreach Service based in Bridgeport Ct. We are a not for profit organization who are looking to elevate the lives of members in our community. We are a Haitian based organization with French/ Creole multilingual capabilities. Our services include: Immigration Services, Life Insurance Referrals, Lawyer Referrals, Housing Assistance, Child Care Services, Social Services, Job Referrals. Our mission is to help those in need of support. We want to serve the community and assist people to achieve their goals in life. Services are provided through networks of Licensed Professionals. As a not for profit we do not charge for the referral services we provide. We simply ask for a monetary donation to enhance the number of networks and services we provide. Our mission is to help the people of our community. We will assist in completing forms, completing applications, connecting you to the correct licensed professional to solve your needs. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and courtesy.

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